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Moon Landing Token: Crypto for Neurodiverse Artists

2021 was a year of remarkable growth for NFTs, and one of the more fascinating innovations in the NFT industry has been the rise of meaningful social impact initiatives.

These initiatives have helped raise awareness and funds for a variety of important social issues, and they are yet another illustration of the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain to contribute to social good.

The central topic of this article is one of the many inspiring use cases of NFTs in the social impact area: Moon Landing Token – crypto project promoting neurodivergent artists in the NFT world.

What is Neurodiversity?

Moon Landing is a recent enterprise that advocates for neurodivergent artists, that assists them in the creation of artworks, and promotes communication between creators and the wider NFT group.

Neurodiversity relates to the differences in the human brain and comprehension, such as sociability, learning, attention, mood, and other mental operations.

It is widely used to describe persons with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder), autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other learning disabilities.

Moon Landing promotes a holistic understanding of neurodivergent people as a way to open the mind to all types of experiences. It aims to promote an open, constructive, and diverse culture that welcomes those with different perspectives.

How Come a Crypto Has Something to Do With Neurodiversity?

In one interview, the founder of this enterprise, L. Slominski, said that she engaged in the bigger area of neurodivergent modern art for three years.

She mentioned a troubling phrase, “outsider art,” that usually involves some kinds of artists with learning difficulties, those who are self-educated, or the ones from disadvantaged minorities. 

She also said that, despite having some sort of disabilities, those art creators are still fresh modern artists. That’s why she began to include them in the galleries that she was organizing.

After that, she met Nick Dehadray, the creative director of MoonLanding, so they combined her and his curiosity about neurodivergent people and his fascination with NFTs, which came out as a fantastic chance to accomplish something intriguing and valuable in the NFT world.

Cooperation With Project Onward

Project Onward is a non-profit educational organization, atelier, and gallery that educates young people about health and wellness and works to change attitudes and promote social justice around mental health issues.

They are dedicated to supporting the career expansion of visual creators with mental and developmental difficulties.

Moon Landing and Project Onward collaborated to create NFToons, which presents the first NFT series made in conjunction with a non-profit atelier for art creators with mental, developmental, and learning disabilities.

Each is a one-of-a-kind animation created in cooperation with a neuroatypical artist from Project Onward.

Purchasing a Moon Landing NFT is an investment in artwork and the future of a neurodivergent artist.

How to Buy Moon Landing Token – Crypto Short Guide

Purchasing Moon Landing Crypto Coin is not difficult, as it can be done in a few easy steps. To purchase them online, follow the steps outlined below.

  • You’ll need a trusted crypto wallet, so if you don’t have one already, you’ll have to create an account out there so you can store all of your crypto and NFTs in one place.

  • After downloading a digital crypto wallet app, you will click on the available coin.

  • Search for the Moon Landing Token.

  • Choose the payment method and pay the amount needed to have the desired number of crypto coins.

  • After purchasing the tokens, you can add them to your wallet.

  • You’re ready to start trading with the coins, or you can wait until the value increases to sell them for profits.


Moon Landing works hard to make its services accessible to those with disabilities. It has committed substantial resources to make its website more user-friendly and accessible to individuals with incapacities, with the firm belief that website accessibility initiatives benefit all users and that everyone has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort, and independence.

The accessibility menu on the Moon Landing website may be accessed by clicking the accessibility menu button in the upper right corner of the page. Please wait a moment after initiating the accessibility menu for the whole accessibility menu to load.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Non-profit Studios for Art Creators With Disabilities?

Those are the NGOs, often known as “supported studios,” which provide an innovative atmosphere for people with particular health or socioeconomic essentials that promotes and supports artists’ various art activities.

Supported studios provide artists with chances for career growth and expansion on an individual, group, or collective basis.

They also offer technical artistic assistance, promote artists in the marketplace and through exhibitions, and build networks and audiences even outside of health and social care settings.

What Is an NFT?

NFTs represent unique digital art, each with its own unique value.  As opposed to fungible digital currencies, you can not exchange NFTs for one another.

For instance, one Bitcoin (BTC) can be swapped for an equal amount of Ethereum (another fungible currency). That is not the case with an NFT since its unique characteristics imply that one NFT cannot be swapped for another one because they may not be of comparable worth.

What Is a Crypto Wallet?

Crypto Wallet is an app that allows cryptocurrency users to store and retrieve their digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Can I Buy an NFT With My Credit Card?

No, you must first create an account with a crypto wallet.


After thoroughly researching the new crypto coin, we can conclude that buying virtual currency and putting your money in it is beneficial to your development.

However, don’t forget to take all the necessary precautions, such as cross-checking the website as well as other things, to protect yourself from scams.

As previously said, each new crypto-like Moon Landing Token crypto has unique characteristics, so before investing, make sure the features of the crypto match your needs and beliefs.